The Source of Creativity

I’ll sharpen my blades, 
My blades of beauty
With the sword,
The sword of the Spirit.
Adapted from Deep Roots Devotional :February, 2018
Today’s Scripture: Exodus 31:1-11

I had a pretty funny conversation with a photographer acquaintance of mine sometime. In between our conversation, we got talking about creativity and how right it is to call someone “creative”, who in turn has not really created anything, but who has a lot of ideas. He asked me, “If the person hasn’t created anything, but has a lot of ideas, can we call that person creative?” I thought about it again just as you are probably doing now and I answered, So what do we call that? And he said, “Wishful thinking”. You bet we had a good laugh.

But come to think of it, what exactly is creativity? In our various fields and careers, we are faced with the task of being solution providers and being “creative”. What do you bring to the table as a believer and how do you do this? Exodus 31 gives us an answer.

As a believer, creativity comes from being filled with the Spirit of God. Look again at verses 2 and 3. We serve a creative God too, did you know? Creation displays God’s amazing creativity (Genesis 1:2-27). So, when you are in between a rock and a hard place, trying to bring forth a solution, to write a book, a song, to produce a painting, to play an instrument, etc., apart from the lessons you have been taught or the trainings and discipline you submit yourself to, it is important to constantly recognise the true source of creativity.

The work is much easier when the source is recognised.


  • God calls us to use our creativity in his service. Genesis 2:19-20
  • The ability to create beauty comes from God. Exodus 31:1-4
  • Creativity can be destructive, when used wrongly. Isaiah 44:15-17
  • The Holy Spirit is the source of all creativity and he dwells right inside you!. Genesis 1:2, Psalm 33:6, John 14:16-17, 1 Corinthians 3: 16

Prayer: Father, every day, I choose to draw from your great wisdom and ability to create, to do that which you have called me to do and to excel in You wherever I find myself in Jesus’ name. Amen.

2 thoughts on “The Source of Creativity”

  1. Hi. Thanks for this. I’ve learnt that creativity is two-folded: the inspiration and the expression of that inspiration. For it to be “creativity”, there has to be a “creation”. Thanks Alex.

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