The Spirit of Grace and Supplication

In your Presence, I find grace.

Today’s Scripture: Zechariah 12

Many of us have prayed to God for the outpouring of the Spirit of grace and supplication, knowing it has to do with prayer, but not really knowing what it means. In Zechariah 12, the Lord reveals His mighty plans for Jerusalem (His people) and that includes you and I. In verse 10, the NLT version interprets that God will pour out a spirit of grace and prayer on us. Grace and prayer go hand in hand; one way to look at it is to come to the understanding that when we receive the outpouring of the spirit of grace and supplication, what we have received is the ability to pray and the ability to effortlessly do whatever God tells us to do in the place of prayer.

When we receive the Spirit of prayer, the Holy Spirit gives us a desire to pray. Sometimes, we suddenly find ourselves thinking of people we have not seen in years or thinking about a difficult situation in our lives. Then, when we take the step to pray, grace also flows in – we receive God’s own power to do what we would not normally be able to.

Amazing things happen in the place of prayer, so let us approach the prayer altar with a fresh assurance that the Holy Spirit is here to help us pray and to release the grace of God unto our lives.

Prayer: Father, I ask for a renewed outpouring of the spirit of grace and supplication upon my life. Amen.

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