The Weapon of Praise

Dance like the weight has been lifted, 
Grace is waiting for you

- "Freedom" by Jesus Culture

Today's Scripture: Psalm 149:6-9

Dear believer, your praise has power! It is a weapon that should never be ignored. I grew up hearing the older people around me say that one thing God “cannot” do is to praise himself. Yes, the Lord proclaims his power, strength and love. But it is left to us and the angels in the heaven to sing the praises of the one who we call King.

In today’s verses, the only weapons required for the people of the Lord is a praise in their mouth and a sword in their hand. Let’s look at it this way: Hebrews 4:12 makes us understand that the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. Now, when you are faced with strongholds and you remember you are in a spiritual warfare rather than physical, what you need is the spiritual weapons of warfare, and praise is one of them.

With the word of God stamped in your hands and hearts, and the praise of God in your mouth, you are sure to overcome. So, what does praise require of you?

Sing unto God – sing his worth, his majesty, and his amazingness. Dance unto the King – stomp your feet, jump for joy, swirl in awe because you know you serve a mighty one. Clap your hands and lift them in adoration. Above all, let your words be indeed an exultation of your Father.

David praised and won God’s heart. The people praised and Jericho fell flat. Remember even the daughter of Herodias? She made the king give the head of John away by her dance. That’s how powerful praise can be. How much more when you praise the King of kings in spirit and in truth!

Action Point: Set time out today to praise the King of all kings.

4 thoughts on “The Weapon of Praise”

  1. Praise is what to do when you don’t know what to do. Sometimes I forget that I have this weapon. Thanks for the reminder.

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