Trees in God’s Vineyard

I am a tree planted in God’s own vineyard.
Today’s Scripture: Mark 11:12-14

Jesus was hungry. He spotted a fig tree covered with leaves and he moved closer to the tree to see if he could find any fruit on it. It was only normal that the fruits of the fig tree should have appeared at the same time as the leaves or even before the leaves. However, Jesus gets to the fig tree and finds it without fruit, and then he cursed the tree. In verse 20, we learn that the fig tree had withered by the next morning.

A lot of Christians are like this fig tree – covered with budding leaves, but void of fruits. We are trees planted in God’s vineyard, and anyone can put up a cover of healthy green leaves to prove himself or herself as a follower of Christ, but if we do not produce any fruits, we are not being genuine.

Take a quick look at Luke 13:6-9, you would see that the owner of the vineyard has every right to expect fruit from its planted tree. This is why a fruit tree is planted in the first place – the hope of fruits in the future. You would notice that the owner of the vineyard is ready to have the tree cut down, since it did not produce any fruit.

Do we show fruits of love, of kindness, of putting others first, of being active members in uniting the body of Christ and depopulating the kingdom of hell, all of which should stem from a genuine relationship with Christ? In searching for the door which leads to Christ, many would walk the paths of Christians.

Which fruits are you producing?

Action Point: Examine yourself as a Christian. Are you a fruit producing tree or are you like that phony fig tree with a healthy outward appearance, but without fruits?

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