I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ

Today’s Scripture: Acts 1:8, Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:47-48

Jesus Christ left you and me with a major assignment, and this assignment is that we should become His witnesses in the world. Evangelism can be done in different ways. It could be on the streets, going to prisons, hospitals, etc. It can also be done in our own territories. We can all identify someone we know, who is not a believer of the gospel, and if we are determined and willing, with God’s help, we can bring this person to the knowledge of the truth. It is, however, important to understand that we are not the ones who do the “saving”, but it is our job to be a billboard for the gospel, ever proclaiming God’s truth.

In Luke 24:47-48, we are told to let everyone know that there is forgiveness for everyone who repents. This is the message in my mouth and in your mouth today. Be determined to speak to at least one person about Jesus and to win that soul over to Christ.


  • PRAY: Ask Jesus for grace and boldness to speak to someone about Him thisweek/today. Also ask that the prospect would be recipient.
  • TALK TO SOMEONE: Go ahead and speak to at least one person. Speak to fifty if you can!
  • PRAY OVER YOUR POTENTIAL SOUL: After speaking to someone, get behind closed doors and pray that the person would yield to the saving power of Christ.
  • FOLLOW UP ON YOUR POTENTIAL SOUL: Ensure to get the contact of the person(s) and follow up on them. Do this to ensure that they have all they need and to assure them that they have a friend and sister/brother in the new family of Christ.
  • ENCOURAGE THEM TO SHARE THEIR NEW FOUND FAITH: Yes, they have also become vessels for Christ just like you!

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