Uncompromising Worship

All that really matters: You and God

Today's Scripture: Daniel 6

The story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den is a most amazing story. King Darius had found Daniel to be capable of great, impressive ability. So, the king made plans on how to make Daniel the ruler of the entire empire. Of course, Daniel’s co-administrators were winking their noses and itching their scalps, running around town in search of how to pin Daniel down with some fault. In verses 4-5 of today’s chapter, the Bible says. “…but they couldn’t find anything to criticize or condemn. He was faithful, responsible, and completely trustworthy. So they concluded, ‘Our only chance of finding grounds for accusing Daniel will be in connection with the rules of his religion.'” And so they did.

They convinced the king into making an immediate decree that no one must pray to anyone, except himself, for the next thirty days. Daniel heard and guess what Daniel did? He went home as usual and prayed. And he prayed three times a day as he always did.

Pause and think about your relationship with God. Do you cringe at the slightest compromising situation when it comes to serving God and dedicating your life to him? Daniel knew that his life was at stake and that he mighty lose the chance of being the ruler, but he could not imagine a day without his sustainer. He chose the road not taken and refused to compromise his most-prized relationship. Eventually, God shut the mouths of the lions. The king joyed in the God of Daniel, and he proclaimed a new decree which required everyone to serve the God of Daniel.

Dear Deep Rooted Royal, the enemy tries and will always try to stop your worship to God through various means e.g. fear of harm, fear of being approved by the world, etc. But, like Daniel, standing for what is right is sure to secure God’s backing. Nothing is worth more than the duo called YOU AND GOD.

Action Point: Think of different compromising situations that have come your way and the decisions you made. If you compromised, ask God to help you stand strong next time. If you did not, ask God to keep you glued to His standards all the days of your life.

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