We All Need A Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Today’s Scripture: Acts 18:24-28

This part of the Bible teaches us a powerful lesson in only five verses, hidden away in the book of Acts.

A man called Apollos was a man with an enthusiastic Spirit. He was zealous about the kingdom of God and he was also very eloquent. I mean, eloquence is fast becoming a criterion for being accepted, even in today’s society. However, as eloquent, zealous and diligent as Apollos was, the Bible says that he did not know much. He had been taught in the way of the Lord, but only about John’s baptism. There were still many truths of Scriptures that Apollos did not know.

Then, Priscilla and Aquila, a wonderful couple, noticed that Apollos had zeal, but not enough depth. They did not laugh at him or shut him up. They took him with them and taught him God’s Word even more accurately.

In verse 27, Apollos left for Greece and after the lessons from his newly found teachers, the Bible records that he was of great benefit to those who believed. He also used the Scriptures to prove that Jesus is the Messiah.

Oh what an amazing story. Sometimes, we are Apollos, and we need friends and loved ones to teach us even much more about things for which we are passionate. On the other hand, we are Priscilla and Aquila sometimes. Do you find it easy to replicate the knowledge that you have in others? Or do you laugh at them and wonder if they are ever going to learn?

Action Point: Make the decision to teach someone something you already know. Also, identify people who can teach you better about the things for which you are passionate.

We would never outgrow the need to learn or the need to have teachers in our lives. .

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