We Have A Leader

Lead me Jesus
Today’s Scripture: Psalm 25

There are so many beautiful things to see in this Psalm. The psalmist lifts up his life to the Lord, confident in Him and asking that his enemies do not triumph over him.

Like David, we also want God to show us the way and to lead us by his truth. Just as he did, we should also pray to God for divine direction. In verse 9, we see that it is those who are humble that the Lord will lead in His way. This, therefore, instructs to be meek and teachable in order to be led by God.

I particularly like verses 12-14. They tell us that those who fear the Lord will be shown the right paths. Much more beautiful is that they will live in prosperity and their children shall inherit the land. How amazing. My allegiance and your allegiance to the Lord are not just beneficial for you and me alone; it also secures our generations to come! Is that not amazing?

We need not have any worries or fears about today or even tomorrow if we truly fear the Lord, give Him reverence, worship Him and surrender all of our plans to His way.

God is ever willing to do His best for us and for our children too. Your entire family can benefit from God’s blessings upon your life. So, let us yield ourselves to Him over and again and also be willing to learn and listen to Him.

Prayer Point: Lord, I pledge allegiance to you, and I pray that you will show me the right paths and teach me your truth. I wait expectantly on You. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

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