What Does Your Work Say About Christ?

Glorifying God in my work
Today’s Scripture: Romans 12:6-8

God called each one of us to be creative and to find something doing with our hands. However, we often get the idea that we have all of these gifts so we can accumulate fame and fortune for ourselves. On the contrary, we are instruments for Christ, whether we are presiding over a church or a nation, whether a civil servant or a college teacher, an author or an accountant, a programmer or a pediatrician. Whatever we do, we should do to the glory of God.

C.S.Lewis wrote The Chronicles of Narnia as a children’s story, but his story was more than just fun and entertainment. This is because he allowed his faith in Jesus Christ to impact his works. The above-mentioned work for example, revolves around Aslan, the lion – the Christ-like character, who creates Narnia and redeems it through his death. How beautiful. We get a glimpse therefore that Christ can be apparent in our work – whether religious or secular. This could be in forms of values, actions, how you treat a co-worker, how you deal with your work – do you work in integrity or are you a cheat?

What do the works of your hands say about Christ?

Prayer: Father, thank you for work that I have to do. Inspire me through your Holy Spirit, and let my work reflect the creativity that you are. Let my work also reflect the true gospel and the person of Christ in Jesus name. Amen.

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