What to Do When You Make Bad Decisions

Journeying for long 
on a wrong path
will never lead
to the right destination

Today's Scripture: Psalm 32:8

Yesterday, we talked about our ever-reliable access to God’s leading. Now that we know God leads us in every situation, what happens when we refuse to yield to listen to His directions and instructions? A number of Bible personalities can be referred to in order to understand this aspect of life. Jonah is a good example. Recently, we talked about throwing Jonah off the boat. However, on the flip side, the popular story of Jonah is that he disobeyed God, then he had to mend his ways. David also made the mistake of killing Uriah ad sleeping with Bathsheba. Peter made the mistake of denying Jesus three times. Many individuals in the Bible made a mistake at some point or the other.

However, what we should focus on is what they did after making a bad decision, and how that models life for us. When Jonah realized that he was not going to get away with the disobedient stunt he pulled, he repented and went back to God. When David “came back to his senses”, he realized he needed to repent. Peter went from being the one who denied Jesus to being one of the greatest Apostles who proclaimed the name of Christ fearlessly.

As much as we have been told that a bad decision can lead us out of God’s will or presence, the truth is God never ever leaves us alone. If we claim to have it all together, he doesn’t force us to submit to Him. However, we will discover in the long run that his leading is the best because He knows the end from the beginning and vice versa. So, today, the charge to you is if you have gone against God’s will, missed His voice, etc., then it is never too late to repent. If you have made a wrong decision, go to God acknowledging your mistakes and plead for his mercy and intervention. He is the reason you will not keep making wrong decisions, even if you have made one. If your desired destination is in accordance to His will, he knows the best way to get you there. If it is not, trust that He has a better plan and wait for His directions.

Action Point: If you have made a wrong decision, go to God acknowledging your mistakes and plead for his mercy and intervention.

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