What to DO While You Wait

Today's Scriptures: Luke 19:11-27, Psalm 90:12

While I'm waiting,
I'm getting stronger...

- Travis Greene

Now what? Now that we have come to understand over the past three days that God is the author of time and that his timing should be our own yardsticks for peace, what next? As we delve into the New Testament in today’s scripture, we will be reading one of my favorite stories of all time. And I say favorite not because it praises “me”, but because it propels me to “take action” which is what God wants us to do at different intervals of our lives.

As you read Luke 19, you see how Jesus narrated the story of three people. Before that, verse 11 says, “and because he was nearing Jerusalem, he told them a story to correct the impression that the kingdom of God would begin right away” (NLT). How amusing! Remember what we said two days ago? Jesus said that the Father is the one how sets fixed dates and the times of their fulfillment.

Today’s question is: if waiting is a must, then what must we do in the process?? Luke 19:12-26 tells us the answer! (please read this before you continue reading). As we proceed, one of the best things I have heard is that “wasting the wait doesn’t make the wait any shorter.” If God says that the wait is going to happen anyways and we can do nothing about it, then we must learn to accept it. That means the wait to the fulfillment of God’s purpose for your life, the wait to the Second Coming, the wait to the spouse you have been daydreaming about, the wait for your miracles, the wait for adulthood, the wait for EVERYTHING because there is always going to be some type of wait. So what? When you find yourself in waiting,

  1. Pray in waiting: as a believer, a wait that is not neck deep in prayer is a wasted wait. No matter what it is, you need to cultivate the perpetual habit of prayer.
  2. Praise in waiting: waiting and worrying is not waiting, it’s wasting. If you worry while you wait, what you are saying is, “I might as well find alternatives, but they said to trust you, so imma tryyy.” However, when you refuse to let anything steal your joy, then you “reinforce” your trust in God!
  3. Prepare in waiting: Ask questions, “Lord, what would you have me do while I wait?” In actual fact, I have observed that sometimes, we are in waiting because we have not fulfilled certain instructions. So, abandoned projects? Dropped dreams? Waiting is the time to pick them up! The wise servants in today’s scripture knew that investing what the master gave them was the best thing to do.
  4. Present in waiting: What this means is “give” in waiting. Giving is important in every life’s phase, including in waiting. Give the gift of kind words, encouragement, money, smiles, and time. Waiting is not the time to get caught up in yourself. It is the time to place others above, especially because you have every reason to think about yourself alone.
  5. Play and rest in waiting: Yes, remember to laugh.
  6. Grow in intimacy with God: Above all, draw closer to the father. Pray, praise, worship, study the Word, commune with the Holy Spirit, share the gospel, attend conferences, do anything to bring you closer to God. Waiting is not the time to drift away; it’s the time to get closer. It is the time for deeper!

Question: What does your wait look like? What should your wait look like?

Action Point: Make your wait count today.

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