Where is the Place of His Worship?

God said to me, 
"Where is the place of my worship?"
Today’s Scriptures: John 4:23-24

Worship is what to do when you do not know what else to do. It is when you lift up your hands, get on your knees, and worship the King. It is when your proclaim His worth, and sing of His goodness. It is also a lifestyle of commitment to the King of kings.

One evening, I sat in church, I had my head in many places – strategizing, planning, thinking, calculating the many things I had to do and wanted to do. In the end, I was so overwhelmed that I just became quite downcast. Then the pastor asked us to rise and worship, and as I did that, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me, “Where is the place of my worship?” “When last did you do this?” Right there, it occurred to me that I had not fallen on my face in worship before the king in a long time. Yes, I sang along to my playlist every day, praising God and following the lead singer in worship, but I had not really carved out time to worship him, void of distractions.

God does many things, but He does not worship Himself. When we fall at His feet in adoration, there is a beautiful exchange – He exchanges our fear for His faith, our cares and worries for His solutions and His peace. Veils are torn and chains are broken and above all, intimacy is kindled.

May we be the privileged ones who will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth.

Action Point: Carve out quality time to worship God right now.

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