Yield to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit,
I yield myself to you.
Today’s Scripture: Jude 1: 18-25

Praying in the Spirt does so much transformation to our lives. In the above verses, the Bible makes us understand that different events will take place in the last days, including people making fun of God, thinking only about the life here on earth and nothing else. I also bet that you would agree with me that all of these things are already happening all around us. The interesting thing, however, is that the Bible puts a “but” in that statement. It says, “BUT YOU”! We are told that while all of these events are taking place, we should build up ourselves and to continuously build our foundation of our most holy faith, and one of the ways to do this is to pray in the Holy Spirit, or we may call it allowing the Holy Spirit to help us to pray.

Then in verse 24, after we have made praying in the Holy Spirit a lifestyle, we are assured that God is able to keep us from stumbling, or slipping or failing. That is not all. He is even able to present you and I as blameless and faultless before His presence. For me, this has always been the most striking thing about salvation. I mean, think on it. God looks at you and says, “You have no faults” or “I find no faults in you”.

In our human relationships, this is almost impossible. Usually, there is something about you that someone does not like, no matter how close you may be. But then with God, it is you being faultless and it is neither a dream, nor flattery. It is the reality!

So, where is the Holy Spirit calling you today?

Action Point: Yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit as soon as you sense it, or receive instruction from Him. You need Him more than He will every need you.

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