Your Faith and Your Hustle

God gave you a purpose 
before anyone else had an opinion.
Today's Scripture: Colossians 3:23

The first time I saw the words, “God gave you a purpose before anyone else had an opinion” was on Instagram, and that made me think deep. So, while I was putting together today’s entry, it occurred to me that this seemingly “mean” statement should influence our attitude towards work.

Work has been given so many definitions just like success has. Most times, it’s tied to people’s approvals, applauses, and appraisals. But God sees it differently. The above Scripture tells us in plain words: “WORK WILLINGLY AT WHATEVER YOU DO, AS THOUGH YOU WERE WORKING FOR THE LORD RATHER THAN PEOPLE” (NLT). This not only helps you focus on your work and your purpose; it also frees you from the lie of competition. It frees you from the strive for popularity. It reconditions your mind to understand that your mission is to serve and give the glory back to God, not to strive and take all of the glory.

What’s your hustle and how does it mirror your faith in Christ? Is fame and recognition your number one goal or is impact your target?

Action Point: Think of the lines between your faith and your work. Does it seem like you’re doing it for God or for people?

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