Your Jar of Alabaster is not a Waste

I pour my love all over you
Today's Scripture: Mark 14: 1-9

In the above verses, Jesus foreshadows a life of devotion to Christ in a world where people attach almost everything to wealth. So, what’s the story? A woman came to Jesus while he was eating with “a beautiful alabaster jar of expensive perfume made from essence of nard” (verse 3 NLT). Now this ointment of nard is recorded in history to be unmixed, genuine, and the chief of all ointments. The jars which were called alabasters at the time were also jars made of gold, silver, or glass.

Now, this woman opened her jar and poured her oil on Jesus. What happened next? The critics began to raise their voices. The first recorded question was “Why waste such expensive perfume?”

This brings us to our first point: When a man or woman is devoted to God, s/he experiences criticism.

This criticism is bound to happen, and most times, you will be told that you are “wasting” your time or resources. Your response? Don’t stop pouring that oil. Why so?

In the last three verses, we see Jesus take a stance for the woman, and in verse 9, he says, “wherever the Good News is preached throughout the world, this woman’s deed will be remembered and discussed.” That is a blessing that speaks till posterity. Hence our second point: The blessings of a devoted life speak into posterity. 

For better understanding, see Psalm 23:5 for another perspective of what it means to pour ointment on a person. That’s how much God loves you!

Action Point: Today, make a resolve to devote your all to Christ, His Will for your life, and all that concerns you, because you know that nothing done in honor of Jesus is a waste.

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